Bruno Neiva


Jaw-assisted economics over seafood and nostalgic civil war sepia • time spent • make-up • an earlier persona, very good at being • sunspots • sits alone or hand in hand • cavalry • in any case, age-old dog-eat-dog strategies hold the likes and bites of average subjects • to evade a question with perfection of detail and event requires the easy-going timing of timeless dough • drawn on hints out of clap-trapped interviews and continental breakfasts • the play of female fancy has gone too far over reclining hermeneutics • hardly a fortnight and already empty-handed, standing at the door, whip in hand, performing some sort of military salute • collecting signs of interjectional bonding • a certain order of signs paves the way to life and its best objects, remarkable indeed • various objects on the writing-table shadow the wording, rendering it bookish • god only knows what types of criticism may have been passed – in staccato • plain, direct statements set the mood and the doctrine; blush • somehow at war with the pains of small talk • at a rather brisk pace, on the way to consult on matters of the utmost embroidery, got struck dumb at an inscription on the door of a museum • documents, began a long while ago to collect documents, quite a wide field, acres of ground • making tiny side-plans on a margin, hesitating a little, fond of – plenty of things, resumed at full tilt • a fading character continually missing the point may have been added by predecessors in a desperate attempt at pulling meaning from silently corrected textual variants • reminded of the impossibility, strictly speaking, of laissez-faire practices, arbitrary or partial, within the confines of this building • minutely, for the sake of plot and character, a bill has been passed to get the finances straight, so the spotlight has been turned to new methodologies

Bruno Neiva is a text artist and poet.

An earlier, quite different, version of "Dough" was published in a now out of stock pamphlet through erbacce press in 2014.

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