Hrishikesh Srinivas

Five divided

I. Graced

The aching and the meaning of a brief balm
some say to be applied in lieu of true union
every last one questions be driven be driver
rushing of stream all searching akin distinct
only distant thrum of gorge’s surrender past

amongst others we yearn for ourselves
yet when in solitude in solidarity with us
disturbing noise disturbed in turn by myself
continual opening closing – individuality adds in a
silent garden no discerned fall nor δοξα, none knocking none shut out.

II. Missed

When I spoke to you last after light you
were there where I was not like a ¢ustom
sorely since have I missed that train
and its recurrent arrival of thouɠht

haunts the remaining wasteful w wait
as you fly further to your fate
and much of time is the ɧeart leaping in
the saltimbanques’ ͼircle, more more to come.

III. Grounded

Forgot that words are mere work
and not place but could have done a l o    t
worse than to remind of that sensuality   l o s t

because every street corner finds┌ you
and all drone footage reveals ¯\_ the world _/¯
to be bound in and ripped from                      Ɐagabond heart.

IV. Followed

Those who flee seeking to forget those who fly to affirm origins
the rest forgotten still here to be to feel their nuisant necessity it was

and it wasn’t us is and isn’t as it is a symptom of sickness the world’s
discourse lies on doorsteps, and human atrocities still have hiding places.

V. Messaged

Stranger’s inflection come forward to kiss the land stepped back into self

Dare afterwards hold onto that necked smile for heart’s every blind saudade?

They pack their belongings
At their circle
Tree branches
Pass the masks
Johari windows
The depth of it
Against all
Are wilful
And shared
Social and emotional
Mediated virtual spaces
Where they found
Whittling away
Will so what do you do
Apart from remain afraid
Saturdays’ suns find
They wonder
Wonder that
Trying to carve out
In rainy aureole
In seasonal weeks
The hands restless
Even face to face
The moves
Far more con brio than
Relied on
How many?

Draw Blinds

And look
Before going home
Thin and wet and glistening
In the light rain
The drops and dribble
Of those
Unnatural shadows
Containment months
Secure in
Wind as the ground holds onto
As of yet
Remarks prepared earlier
All too often
Of people and
Families and pets
About their fellows and debts
So much depends on
The tide of cases
The sunlight a smoke and
Worse to come
Packing it in
Even overcome
By people on the street
Let go
As sense always second guessed
With tears
How many?

To shelter in place
That day
Transmitting the afternoon sun
Them twinkling
The mirror bends
They are told
The freest feeling
Unemployed fraud charged
The chill of
Not one and the same
At capacity for this
And made to order
Nightly tail offs
An innocuous host
A nonstarter
Their hangings on
In wait lines
Read livelihoods
A combative enterprise
As the bow the fore wave
In porthole the face a love
Harvest years
Rolls running
Even tapes of
Plying instruments
By sight
By beds
How many?

Hrishikesh Srinivas hails from Sydney, Australia. He enjoys reading and writing poetry, with poems having appeared or forthcoming in UNSWeetened Literary Journal, Hemingway's Playpen, Otoliths and Mantis. He was awarded the Dorothea Mackellar National Poetry Award in 2011 and the Nillumbik Ekphrasis Poetry Youth Award in 2013, also being included in the 'Laughing Waters Road: Art, Landscape and Memory in Eltham' 2016 exhibition catalogue. He is currently a graduate student in electrical engineering at Stanford University, USA.
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