Marcia Arrieta

the neurons

were askew—   
acupuncture    paintings    snapdragons 
tenacious      willful      resilient 
hippopotamus    aardvark    rambouillet

burnt matches a dictionary with no pages we dream the past resilience a lion a rhythm an unveiling
silhouette movement pieces of doors & Spanish poems the Benedictine Chant a lion a typewriter a sunflower snowstorm the situation rearrange reality the trout swim upstream
how sometimes we work backwards text— immediate feeling hidden the guard is in the woods cautious tread around the counterpoint precarious the life— moves literal moves imagined moves no moves she thinks of doors doors within mountains doors within clouds doors within the sea
amoebas in rain & time * the caribou remain the tundra vast * hoofs across snow bridges between * Klee’s The Thinking Eye * hoofs across snow bridges between * Klee’s Golden Fish * spinnaker before wind
to be today I saved the light but failed to paint it

Marcia Arrieta's recent work can be found in Otis Nebula, Word For/Word, Alba, & Tiger Moth. Her latest books are perimeter homespun (BlazeVOX) & vestiges (Dancing Girl). She edits & publishes Indefinite Space, a poetry/art journal.
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