RC deWinter

three squares

i eat blame for breakfast
shame for lunch
then putter around doing not much
until somewhere between four and five
when i enjoy a hot cup of tears spiced with acrimony

weather permitting
i take envelopes stuffed with wishes from a drawer
that sticks and groans as i kidnap its children
tie them to the tail of a kite and send them flying

sacrifices to fate and the appetite of the wind

by the time they've been devoured it's time for dinner
a plateful of passion and privilege nourishing nothing
but heretic envy chiseled from somewhere deep in my dreams
followed by another cup of tears with smoked cancer for dessert

and that's it
the unvarying menu sustaining my illusions
until i decide someday to stop biting the bullet
and swallow it

RC deWinter writes in several genres with a focus on poetry. She's also a digital artist and sometimes chanteuse. Her only claim to fame is a decent Twitter following.
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