harry k stammer

cover dense (ing)


"oh, baby my tent"

early spring "srtcpch!" ste' 'at 'oĤ you

extended branches from a fallen lot pine "um

yet's that" le 'me though "it's posted to you"

"just toss it over"

divert'd as punctuation (d)

over "just just just..." order order

or over spread't as adject-ive'e (ù) catch (up)

"brush on spit" someday "it'll come back" up (catch)

focus't took some "news of" you pears to

pears "that blurry picture" that't scarce look

at (see) as focust't "where it happened" again

decreasing now (has) 'action affected "turning into a melon"

by random heat ,

that speck of fly leg

randomly completing a flow into your right

nostril , moved in an action moving more each

one , elastic from up to

down electron , temperature increase

lift'on to door height "the tain let"

(thank you)

hole dripping'on

"a pair" hitting drive

transfer'on "of drops"

wait (wait) wait

you can't bring those in here "flying"

harry k stammer is a writer and musician who lives and works in Santa Barbara, CA USA. His books include every beyond’t nothing (persistencia), tents (Otoliths), and grounds (Otoliths); and tocsin, the third and last in the series about LA's homeless, following on from tents and grounds, was released in 2019 (Otoliths).
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