Jim Leftwich


Week One
Day one in empty umbrella
Day two in early unction
Day three in open umbilical
Day four in evening thunder
Day five on freeing mutters
Day six on weeping bubbles
Day seven in orchid fluting

Week Two

Day one if each until
Day two if every unit
Day three if oval runes
Day four if beans unbending
Day five or evil trumpets
Day six or several dumpsters
Day seven if flocking bumps

Week Three
Day one is embryo hunger
Day two is elliptical useless
Day three is octave blunders
Day four is electoral lunch
Day five for electron lumps
Day six for electric lung
Day seven is opposable thumb

Week Four
Day one inch eupsychic crush
Day two inch emblazoned hump
Day three inch sympoiesis hunch
Day four inch semiotic glue
Day five ounce Eucharist fluke
Day six ounce essentialist jukebox
Day seven inch bodily furls

Week Five
Day one it eel blue
Day two it heaping luck
Day three it ontological burp
Day four it femur lunar
Day five of lemur murmuring
Day six of beeper puddles
Day seven it sloppy rudders

Week Six
Day one ink easel culture
Day two ink vessel mutant
Day three ink officially mutagenic
Day four ink enigma muscle
Day five official verse culture
Day six official eggplant cubicle
Day seven ink oblong curvature

Week Seven
Day one insists egg umpire
Day two insists legs universal
Day three insists longitude uncle
Day four insists escalated gumption
Day five obstructs emu summers
Day six obstructs fewer burnings
Day seven insists obtuse bunting

Week Eight
Day one diagonal bleach clue
Day two diagonal leap blurt
Day three diagonal orange juice
Day four diagonal ear lube
Day five orgone bear shut
Day six orgone bean pule
Day seven diagonal mosh burn

Week Nine
Day one dialectic dream fuse
Day two dialectic steam butte
Day three dialectic horse further
Day four dialectic teeth mutter
Day five doomsday letter cutter
Day six doomsday feathered butter
Day seven dialectic golf curt

Week Ten
Day one criteria yesterday subsumed
Day two criteria esteemed bulimia
Day three criteria optimal bullhorn
Day four criteria seeping ulterior
Day five concerted sleepless fumerole
Day six concerted heaping plume
Day seven criteria motley fumes

Week Eleven
Day one innovated nervous plumb
Day two innovated edible purple
Day three innovated oxygen gulch
Day four innovated emptiness gulps
Day five oracle flesh upon
Day six oracle meshed cudgels
Day seven innovated floppy chutes

Week Twelve
Day one iconic fish glut
Day two iconic fist hut
Day three iconic ocean clutter
Day four iconic message hurt
Day five oceanic memories bum
Day six oceanic meaning-building
Day seven iconic oneiric buttress

Week Thirteen
Day one virus creaking truth
Day two virus seethe turbine
Day three virus oaken purges
Day four virus eagle purse
Day five torso seamless curse
Day six torso semic hurl
Day seven virus clocking umbrage

Week Fourteen
Day one minus febrile gutters
Day two minus feeble gusts
Day three minus poetic lust
Day four minus centennial crutch
Day five loosely serial crusts
Day six loosely cereal rusting
Day seven minus corona rustles

Week Fifteen
Day one isn't ebola suction
Day two isn't emblematic sunrise
Day three isn't osmotic surcharge
Day four isn't effusive slurping
Day five orderly emitting stupor
Day six orderly edified tumor
Day seven isn't coordinates cumin

Week Sixteen
Day one ineffable eatery cubed
Day two ineffable earworm sung
Day three ineffable opus ubiquitous
Day four ineffable echo chuckwalla
Day five ocotillo evergreen sunspots
Day six ocotillo defenestrated customs
Day seven ineffable cholla subculture

Week Seventeen
Day one Icarus Jesus Buddha
Day two Icarus jesters cucumber
Day three Icarus Covid burgundy
Day four Icarus desert surmise
Day five Osiris Egyptian turtles
Day six Osiris elliptical hurdles
Day seven Icarus poiesis upaya

Week Eighteen
Day one itching nefelibata Tuesday
Day two itching empirical Thursday
Day three itching totemic urgency
Day four itching embodiment dusts
Day five orchestrates semantic hustler
Day six orchestrates sediment pustule
Day seven itching omphalos mustard

Week Nineteen
Day one into encircled buzzard
Day two into electricity fuzz
Day three into obnoxious music
Day four into echinacea mucus
Day five onto escargot multiples
Day six onto escapist numen
Day seven into morphemes numerous

Week Twenty
Day one spindrift breathing bus
Day two spindrift keening cuticles
Day three spindrift broken dues
Day four spindrift euphoria fuels
Day five fooling feeling fuss
Day six fooling peeling tusks
Day seven spindrift token musk

Week Twenty-One
Day one spines reeling knuckle
Day two spines reeking buckled
Day three spines rookery cluster
Day four spines kneeling luminous
Day five ponies kneading dune
Day six ponies breaded dunce
Day seven spines spooning prunes

Week Twenty-Two
Day one sinking testimonial futon
Day two sinking euphonious fulcrum
Day three sinking tortoise cuneiform
Day four sinking feline multipliers
Day five soaking beehive surfiction
Day six soaking hemoglobin tungsten
Day seven sinking torpedo bunion

Week Twenty-Three
Day one mimesis metaphorical futility
Day two mimesis theoretical humility
Day three mimesis oral humidity
Day four mimesis erotic custodian
Day five moksha ergonomic mudra
Day six moksha theosophical suitcase
Day seven mimesis scorecard muted

Week Twenty-Four
Day one similar hermetic turmeric
Day two similar hermeneutic sumac
Day three similar hormonal succor
Day four similar therapeutic burrow
Day five somatic theremin furrowed
Day six somatic geranium furious
Day seven similar grommet cumulus

Week Twenty-Five
Day one initiates credible plumbing
Day two initiates legible crumbles
Day three initiates logical ruminations
Day four initiates telluric lures
Day five orients teeming cumbersome
Day six orients tempestuous curlicues
Day seven initiates morose bullies

Week Twenty-Six
Day one imitates erogenous cursive
Day two imitates erroneous murk
Day three imitates onerous blur
Day four imitates earliest slurs
Day five originates perfect junkyards
Day six originates percolating junkets
Day seven imitates oscillating funk

Week Twenty-Seven
Day one missive textile rupture
Day two missive texture suture
Day three missive toxic futures
Day four missive flexible culture
Day five possible exit ruts
Day six possible exalt guts
Day seven missive tolerable huts

Week Twenty-Eight
Day one five even unevens
Day two five eleven unknowns
Day three five ovals unnamed
Day four five servings unsaid
Day five four several untold
Day six four severed unfolds
Day seven five scores unkempt

Week Twenty-Nine
Day one sick sheet cup
Day two sick heat dupe
Day three sick shot gums
Day four sick meat hump
Day five sock beat thump
Day six sock bleak lupine
Day seven sick shoe lute

Week Thirty
Day one shirt seams buffer
Day two shirt seeks cutting
Day three shirt soma cuff
Day four shirt eating supper
Day five shore pleated hunters
Day six shore beaming cunning
Day seven shirt bowing bursting

Week Thirty-One
Day one invisible eating lunch
Day two invisible bleached uncial
Day three invisible botched unitary
Day four invisible beacon urinary
Day five volatile bestiary unmarried
Day six volatile embroidery unsanitary
Day seven invisible ombudsman uncanny

Week Thirty-Two
Day one dirt eschews luncheonette
Day two dirt renews bushels
Day three dirt frowns understanding
Day four dirt cleaning supplies
Day five dot clearing surplus
Day six dot dreary subtractions
Day seven dirt fondled subdivisions

Week Thirty-Three
Day one nine weekday brunches
Day two nine Wednesday drunks
Day three nine monthly justice
Day four nine periodic purities
Day five none endemic purified
Day six none endogenous pus
Day seven nine omelettes purring

Week Thirty-Four
Day one dire eyelets gulf
Day two dire eyebrows stuffed
Day three dire openings tulip
Day four dire exaggerations tuber
Day five doors explanations suckle
Day six doors extractions bundled
Day seven dire wormhole curdled

Week Thirty-Five
Day one finishing endeared suitable
Day two finishing enclosed subtleties
Day three finishing worsted subtitles
Day four finishing escutcheon subduction
Day five fostering recombinant surmounts
Day six fostering seamount rucksack
Day seven finishing somnambulant shuffling

Week Thirty-Six
Day one hints refurbished unmoving
Day two hints recast unfinished
Day three hints offset unsettled
Day four hints remembered unbuttoned
Day five hones beribboned unmentioned
Day six hones crepuscular unread
Day seven hints copse luminous

Week Thirty-Seven
Day one nightly selves upturned
Day two nightly selfless urns
Day three nightly soulful dusting
Day four nightly sleeveless burstnorm
Day five noctilucent elves unburdened
Day six noctilucent envelopes unbeknownst
Day seven nightly oaf unbecoming

Week Thirty-Eight
Day one midnight seekers ruddy
Day two midnight speaking ruckus
Day three midnight sprockets tumbling
Day four midnight speechless rumbles
Day five moonlight penchants turnstiles
Day six moonlight benches curbside
Day seven midnight pockets unmarked

Week Thirty-Nine
Day one mirroring seldom unseen
Day two mirroring serfdom unsought
Day three mirroring molehill unsung
Day four mirroring recollected unison
Day five monitors reverberating museum
Day six monitors recurrent curation
Day seven mirroring molecular curveballs

Week Forty
Day one intimations evocative sustenance
Day two intimations enunciate suburbs
Day three intimations obviate sundried
Day four intimations enumerate sunburnt
Day five obligations cellophane burlap
Day six obligations Celtic surcease
Day seven intimations omnipotent flurries

Week Forty-One
Day one intuits pentameter cutlery
Day two intuits pentangle curmudgeon
Day three intuits pontificate sludge
Day four intuits eldritch fudge
Day five oncoming estuary usurped
Day six oncoming festering usury
Day seven intuits ostensible slurry

Week Forty-Two
Day one imbricate estimated fury
Day two imbricate eternal nurturing
Day three imbricate ornate sulphur
Day four imbricate erstwhile tumult
Day five forgotten petroleum during
Day six forgotten detours turning
Day seven imbricate cloudy mud

Week Forty-Three

Day one Friday eviscerates Sunday
Day two Friday celebrates duplicity
Day three Friday solidarity ungovernable
Day four Friday segue turntable
Day five Monday deracinated lukewarm
Day six Monday desalination mutiny
Day seven Friday probability churches

Week Forty-Four
Day one impoxximate spleen furtive
Day two impoxximate trenches united
Day three impoxximate bombarding Zurich
Day four impoxximate French surrealist
Day five porous wrench mercurial
Day six porous pensive puzzles
Day seven impoxximate opium puns

Week Forty-Five
Day one indiscipline seance mumbling
Day two indiscipline sentences muzzled
Day three indiscipline songwriters trusted
Day four indiscipline semblance suitors
Day five docile serenade duties
Day six docile demimonde putty
Day seven indiscipline portable utility

Week Forty-Six
Day one insurrects refuse unused
Day two insurrects defused durable
Day three insurrects dominant cultures
Day four insurrects refusal unusual
Day five socialization deduction dumbfounded
Day six socialization deformation unfounded
Day seven insurrects rotational surprise

Week Forty-Seven
Day one knife green drupe
Day two knife greed Druid
Day three knife spoon cut
Day four knife shell shuttered
Day five moth heft lull
Day six moth welt lurk
Day seven knife knoll lump

Week Forty-Eight

Day one time egg duck
Day two time leg turkey
Day three time dog hump
Day four time peg buck
Day five tome penguin runt
Day six tome pencil plunder
Day seven time frog hut

Week Forty-Nine
Day one mine meet mutt
Day two mine meal mute
Day three mine moan must
Day four mine messy mundane
Day five moon messaging mutagenic
Day six moon mettle muscular
Day seven mine mote mutable

Week Fifty
Day one fire berm turd
Day two fire bream fumes
Day three fire born burning
Day four fire best burst
Day five ore beast cursed
Day six ore yeast nurse
Day seven fire costly bumblebees

Week Fifty-One
Day one incremental we fur
Day two incremental weeds buried
Day three incremental worms bustling
Day four incremental weeks curried
Day five motile speeds hurrying
Day six motile speaking durational
Day seven incremental forms numerical

Week Fifty-Two
Day one in ending numbers
Day two in endgame numbing
Day three in bonding unbending
Day four in blending unbent
Day five on trestle runaway
Day six on wrestling ruins
Day seven in normal rummaging


Description Of Formal Qualities

non-syllabic rhythmic patterns in Minus Corona Rustles
Stanzaic form:
Lines (vowels)
A ... a, o, i, e, u
B ... a, e, i, o, u
C ... a, i, o, e, u


column 1 (words)
A, times 7

column 2 (words)
A through G

column 3 (words)

column 4 (vowels)

column 5 (vowels)
A, times 7

August 2020 Four Oaks, NC

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