Jim McCrary

This I have

I have walked and laid down and sat and watched and listened
In the field and meadow and woods and park
I have spoken to and listen to and watched

The hemp
The cannabis
The jimson
The morning glory
The psilocybin
The mescaline
The peyote
The poppy
The ergot (lsd)

You can hear what they say
Or watch what they can do
Or listen to who they are
Or not
You can

That does not make me one with anything
Or even closer than anyone
Or better yet
Or not
You can

Now like a lot of us
I watch from a distance
Walk by and nod
Or give a pat

Just one of those things
Best left to youth

Old is better by itself
And is
Of course
Endless in its same
In the end or beginning

Jim McCrary lives in Lawrence, KS, just trying to stay alive.
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