Joanna Walkden Harris & Pete Spence

The Pollen of Detours.

well the lawn seems alert today
and the birds aren't ignoring it
a solarised magpie questions
the sky that is hawkish today
the clouds in camouflage and
not so Turneresque taking
advantage of a lapse in a rogue
landscape slippery as a muddy
veneer intruding across some
pale daffodils spreading like
Paterson's Curse smudging
the bronze of an easterly wind
circling over the granules
of a sundial on the wing raking
gravel from around the weeds
the wattle and ruffled lettering
no great fireworks wash the view
just the pollen of more detours

Circles of Light Circling Like a Horse.

turn right around 90 degrees
and nicely over an anticline
mimicking a shuffling arch
the ground stutters because
it's there and on a run on the back
of a cumulous sunday foments
via micas and quartz as a fold
rounding a bend under the turning
slivers of light circling like
a horse in the swinging breeze

Careering South.

eyes on all the surfboards to see
the traps going along a swish coast
swift options of seared black flippers
in fifth position over some briny
eavesdroppers making hay selling
sand dunes to barking King George
Whiting lost in the kelp siege the sea
is an urchin looking into the shreds
of warm currents careering south
through a churn of gritty nets sashaying
in pairs or in quadrilles scalloping the grains
of a gale across sheets of stern rocks
trying to mirror an idea of themselves
in a ferment of moist sparks roaring across
the trail of a cloud with the shape of a cuttlefish
boisterously sulking into a lenticular
horizon where a westerly wind drops
sunset like a pill into a glass of water

Joanna Walkden Harris is a photographer/printmaker/poet who has always lived in Melbourne. Born there in 1950.
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