Miriam Borgstrom

inside these sofa-seams

the boy-lashes of a boy still asleep / like an iced-over waterfall in a theater / theatered by the young boy and a young girl / synopsis of the preceding is hidden in the past foot-notes / past girl left new girl / and buffalo dishes feed old new girls / presently / decide whether this is your family or decide to be unsure / like a nurse named after the coldest stage of ice / or a nurse named river / and the eldest boy has the fewest lashes / fewer seats and fewer people in the largest theater / few girls enjoy theaters like the girl enjoys sleep / sleep like the boy / breathe like the plastic ice and how easily it might catch fire

hold our repetition for us

forget the affection towards her knuckle / forget how her knuckles bleed on a given day / between the infants and their infantry / suggestions go unnoticed / every suggestion brings her head to rest / neck to another’s neck / to rest neck into neck / every false neck / to surprise her hands and to receive feedback / to topple Wednesday’s hat upon her limp body / forget tomorrow’s grievances / forget what stayed as less sorrow / sapiens and their lack of commitment / sapiens with their hair tied up to their hands tied / end with the angelic bodies / not to offend most bodies / to offend bodies and what they consider grass-fed

any voices or other

we pretend within our bodies / and how to use these bodies / the crowded pavement expects the crowd to let them through / we, and the enveloped, and the desperate ones / desired by the saliva that meets our tongue / the pavement with people owned by the same unknown / the pavement with fewer people / where our tongues bask in the open known / where crowds might be let through / be the most even with us / thumb pointed outward / outward unraveled / and how to replace the inward

Miriam Borgstrom's work can be found online at Cosmonaut's Avenue, E.ratio, & Futures Trading and in print at Dancing Girl Press & Studio. She resides in the desert of Southern Nevada.
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