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Heah’s da ting avoiding being journalistic wun layout is necessary dough. Da crux of da mattah in dis following and meandering inquiry going be near da end. Knowing dat directive I recall da line “life is for learning,” wun seemingly appropriate lyric by Joni Mitchell even dough she nevah go to Woodstock. Da lyric going make sense wen I tell you wat happened. I just got turned on from wun close friend to someting dat belonged to her late braddah. It was his musical collection comprised wit some of his favorite musicians and singers dat he liked to listen to. All da material wuz on plain silver cds having been burned from originals and tucked into plastic sleeves. Adah den da personal names written on the cds I need to play da entire collection so I can know wat is wat in content and wat songs are really deah. It’s wun very eclectic assemblage of talent from Diddley, Mozart, and Cline, to Schumann, Brahms and Bach, among Cash, Frampton, and James Brown, and many moa adah well known recording artists. Now da thread and da pulling of it dat eventually exposes wun broad multiverse to spark dis specific wondering. On one particular cd offering deah are unexpected and different guest voices performing da works of wun brilliant female icon as Herbie Hancock recorded jazz renditions of songs by Joni Mitchell. A certain voice from one of da invited guests of notable people suddenly rises into flame. I’ve heard dis voice before wit its deliberately slow and leveled volume delivery. Wheah? I kannot place it. Hmmmmmm? Dis is driving me crazzzzzzzzzy… I’m left pondering seemingly nowheah and yet everywheah. It’s wun joy wen nagging mystery is eliminated and da persistent mind eventually prevails. Banzai! I finally found it in my very own collection on wun shelf in da living room. The voice is you red flea on your very own cd! So now dat we are reacquainted lets contemplate da bridge togettah. In listening to dat familiar voice wit virtual ears no wonder I made da possible connection. Previously already feeling foa awhile dat I am now at da top of my game I digress to da ongoing process. My arrival on da summit going lead to anadah apex as soon as tomorrow. It’s like I’m wun smooth humming engine at da most prolific time in my elderly life wit all of dis happening while I stay pushing seventy. So many ideas in da ocean and only so much watah can find its lowest level to den transform even furdah and swiftly change direction to elevate like wun rising tsunami into wun liquid mountain. As I speak moa added stimulus is coming from da dusty cultured rain dat wen start way ovah deah on anadah continent. Are you tinking and experiencing similar creative tings too? Immediately aftah speaking dat in my head I realized I really didn’t have to ask. Curiosity dough behind da twitching whiskers of wun intensive cat tugs at its own tail. red flea inform dis old beetle rolling his giant ball of magnificent dung by answering da primary question. Wuz Leonard Cohen wun influence on you? Lets get back to planet earth now and I’ll await your reply.

red flea is content to be a flea

virtual fleality: the album

old beetle spends a lot of time rolling his giant ball of magnificent dung
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