Ruggero Maggi

OnLine OnLive OnLove
craquelé and rubberstamps, 18x12.97cms, 2020

Amazon Flux Poetry
china ink drawing and rubberstamps, 21x29.7cms, 2020

Flux Poetry
Rubberstamps, 21x29.7cms, 2020

The essay was remarkably well done ...
china ink drawing, rubberstamps and collage, 21x29.7cms, 2020

In Transparency
china ink drawing and collage, 21x29.7cms, 2020

Ruggero Maggi is an artist from Milan, Italy. He graduated in graphic design and interior design, but since then has been involved in visual art, mail art, visual poetry, copy art, laser art, x-ray art... He is always open for an artistic experiment, using basic materials and combining them with neon, holography and lasers. In 1979 he organized the first Mail Art show in Milan and the following year he did his first Mail Art project “Amazonic Trip.”
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