S. K. Kelen

Fish, Cat, Emu

Three tablets before meals:
Fukushima fish farm fresh fish oil
Caesium might fight diseases
and like the cat virus do funny
things to body and mind: (for instance)
grow whiskers and a tail!
Something keeps scratching
from inside—cat crystals
cut the mind, cranky sure,
too attached to computers I'll never
get over the silver wonder
whose motherboard failed and passed on.
Paint thick eyelashes round the emu's
big eyes she is a bird to behold!


True to type, rapt,
trapped by an embalming pipe
bling bling hums
the king bee’s song,
hives grow honey life
compose a trance
then Humans dance
barefoot on burning ice.
Seen it all, Tourist, now
some sanity in the house—

S. K. Kelen is an Australian poet who has been writing longer than he cares to remember. He lives in a city where the reserves and parklands are inhabited by kangaroos, wallaroos, echidnas and many kinds of beautiful parrots and other wonderful animals. His most recent books are A Happening in Hades (Waratah, NSW: Puncher & Wattmann 2020), and Love’s Philosophy (Summer Hill, NSW: Gazebo Books 2020)
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