Jude VC

but later on
what IF I told you that there are lives after living goes [off] and [on]                                   ( like a [profound] light switch ) and that ghosts ARE only trails [if] you see them                                   ( you see them ) echo echo echo still lives (lives, lives) and what IF I told you MORE STILL that your ghost is only you but later on      later on                later on
gravitys nothings
CCCCCCHHHHH     CRACK! bang! SLAM!                into the universe wall at a speeeeeeeeeed of OVER A MILLION MILES PER HOURRRRRRRR aand AWAY [we ] all [go!!!]                eeeeeeeeeeeSMACK straightintoit! slam those brakes!                and go for the RI de! of you r LIFE! in a rapidlyexpAnding wildlydemANDing notundersTANDING sta[t][g]e of you r LI FE jesus god does it always go so? always like this so FAST and so SOUND god the     s o un d it allmakes so BANG CRASH                 S HHHH EAAAAAAAA AAAAAAA ]godDAMN                                we took off and it took us off with us                 w e         to oo k         to o             mu c h                of f pie c e s s scatt erer allaro un d in to t he ref us e in spa ce of th e s pac e yo u fl y li ttl er an d l i t t[er]l er a s th e y dri f t sl eep b y sl eep nahgoodnnight att the end of a worldrideaway straightinto it time to cccccchhhhchhhhchh chhchhhhhhhhh all wa ys li k ee soooo
such extremes
must life                                                             live itself?                                to death?                                           it’s so unsure [if it should gather or dismay] [if it should kill or it should stay] must the stop                                                   to everything so be? it? it stops                               just as it must                      as just Jude VC does not exist but they made these words happen anyway. They produce music under the name Late Frequencies and they live in California with their boyfriend and several psychiatric disorders.    
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