Ramsay Randall

Grain, Strain, Swatch

the German lava-glaze cup has an air of self-sufficiency
the castle gate hinges are interdependent
the Dame Francis Yates book glows like a burnt stump
the matcha bowl is broad-shouldered and quietly seething
the Swiss cheese plant hunches over the window’s fire
the wall above the breakfast counter is bare and strong enough for enlightenment
the coffee cup dreams of an underground Belgium
the Moroccan pillows are scattered akimbo and wild
the dark couch is resigned to its dysfunction
the cat’s toy mouse is secretly augmenting its green

Ramsay Randall's most recently published poems appeared in E•ratio and The Cincinnati Review, and are forthcoming in HOMINTERN. He also recently collaborated with the bassist for the band Swans in setting one of his poems to music.
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