Daniel f. Bradley

Post sinister

My city was gone
Here’s the postcard
Everything you say is true
Turns out we’re not very good at this food delivery business 
Till something makes them blue
Best to accept that most books are never read
They are obsessed with their own group's best interests
Republicans talking to Republicans about Republican interests
Liberals talking to Liberals about Liberal interests
Democrats talking to Democrats about Democratic interests
Conservatives talking to Conservatives about Conservative interests
Oprah talking to Ellen about Dr Phil’s interest in Hitler as a painter
A new fragrance for the twenty-first century 
Softly threating

Twenty-four-hour garbage people

Confessions of a swapper
It's being blamed on orcas
Ways of painting this futile existence in blood
When life gives you lemons show up at work with a gun
Publicly shaming Walt Disney World
How to survive no thrive
In a love made only for women
On their way to Kicksville direct
Bovine fecal matter Bill Cosby split
Don't hate me cuz I'm skinny and on TV
The strumpet wind
The last gun owner on earth
Turns out the murder hornets fit in fine in my garden
When they’re not looking punch 'em in the neck

My TVs blurry my radios scratchy but worst of all I can't get Liberace

Supermassive black holes birthing stars at a furious rate
Put out the welcome mat the Cylons are coming
I’m not a big fan of boring things
I’m a poet and a master criminal a rare bird
Ultra ultra cycling 
I always find it unusual when it modifies itself 
I have a nasty disposition
Poly brute
Writing against itself
Here's where the story ends
Idiot country

Crush all boxes

Prince Andrew is a sweaty nonce
The French are well known for their ability to deal properly with the aristocracy 
I hope I am not anymore than trees when I die
Bouncy house
My favorite three fridge magnets
The complete unchaining of pleasure is the surest route to bullshit
And that is everything that's wrong with our culture
Love it when a literary press will print a full book of poems to save the environment 
               without using recycled paper not even a half decent attempt
People die because of their beliefs or worst someone else’s beliefs
But the damned still don't die
My city is gone
German film star
Authority is only a false system of control with no inherent wisdom
Guyana bats bite bite
Mengele’s remains
I see dead authority
Eccentric oddities smooth commodity
A dark tone a long long dark tone
The TV says because most cops are stupid
Pain happens
He’s always had sweaty hands
Next up The Punk Rock Khmer Rouge

Say that word go ahead say meat-juice 

Corn wad
The hooter was sounding underground and the dingoes just arrived on que
This man shoots himself in the groin at the supermarket checkout as he was showing off his weapon 
               everyone agrees he’s too much of a fucking idiot to own a gun
Congrats on still being alive moron
Nameless uncarved wet
Misty fog covering at first touch
Japan's most dangerous 
There are no bad questions just bad people
Do the wolf walk
Ways to get high
Pixie mixer's mountain dew
Pucker popper
Go get yourself defunded pig
Fucktown Ontario Canada
I have a medical condition and you are not allowed to ask me about it
I mean everyone has a novel these days why should you be any different 
Lured to safety with beef jerky
Anarchist jurisdiction sounds cool
Shipwreck paradise
Disfigured robot child with good genes
That burn through the night

Sir Mick Jagger does get the final approval

Unique dog finds love on TV
Don't trust them ever
Paying for the murders
Broke my heart from across the universe
White collar crime equals a hearing blue collar crime equals jail
This isn’t news this is simply why I love orcas
Odyssey of aggressive weirdness
Blue water white death
Teacher lover offenders
Operating a megaphone without a permit 
This trope needs to stop now
To face plant a brick wall repeatedly
Our old pal TV

This year Daniel f. Bradley has managed to have a couple of small books published, black dog 
math (Trainwreck Press, 2020), Nosferatu in Toronto (nOIR:Z, 34, 2020) and Zap Gun Bomber with 
Hart Brody (nOIR:Z, unnumbered, 2020). Also the sliced and diced pdf “novel” The Hallways at 
Little Flower Catholic School (fdriveshesaid@gmail.com, 2020) The download for this is kindly 
available at the nOIR:Z Visual Poetry site for free.

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