C.S. Fuqua


The room with shelves.
The shelves with books.
The books with stories.

The room with a desk.
The desk with a tablet.
The tablet with pages.

The desk with a chair.
The chair with a man.
The man with a pen.
The man with thoughts.

The thoughts with anger.
The thoughts with sadness.
The thoughts with joy.
The thoughts of a room.

The room with a window.
The man with eyes.

The window. 
The window.

C.S. Fuqua’s books include White Trash & Southern ~ Collected Poems, The Swing ~ Poems of Fatherhood, Walking after Midnight ~ Collected Stories, Big Daddy’s Fast-Past Gadget, Hush, Puppy! A Southern Fried Tale, and Native American Flute ~ A Comprehensive Guide ~ History & Craft, among others. His work has appeared in publications such as Year's Best Horror Stories XIX, XX and XXI, Pudding, Otoliths, Pearl, Chiron Review, Christian Science Monitor, Slipstream, The Old Farmer's Almanac, The Writer, and Honolulu Magazine.
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