Louise Landes Levi

An Interaction with Josephine Foster's NO HARM DONE

No place to go,no where left to run. Got time to kill, got time to heal someone fr. Wheel of Fortune NO HARM DONE. Nashville, 2020 Vocals & lyrics: Josephine Foster JOSEPHINE is in a category of her own, She’s a diva but an anti-diva too, recent appearance on One Million Tongues, courtesy Steve Krakow in Chicago, clearly revealed both her non - chalance & her excellence as lyricist, stylist & performer. Lines like : I can read you like a book. Your eyes speak volumes in one look. And I can read between the lines all the detours of your mind. fr. Love Letter show her a master of poetic idiom in song. She’s studied, carefully, & recorded Dickinson (Graphic As a Star) & the great Spanish poet, Garcia Lorca (Blood Rushing) on her tours w. former music partner Victor Herrero & it shows. She's a master of stylistic formula— Josephine once said to me “I’m a failed opera singer’, no, It’s that opera has failed to find an idiom, so unique, so close to the heart, to her private, her inner experience. She is mature but she’s fresh, like a woman you might meet if you were to wander through the wood of dark female experience, but also the natural wood, the forest, the tree, the old Oak Grove, sacred. I’ve come I’ve come to worship the sun. Mother Earth, Mother Earth, shall we give birth- Without sentimentality, she re invents the idiom, the lyrics fortified by her vocal renditions, at times, on the album, we hear her lower octave, supporting, even more poignantly, The register & sensibility of experience. The independent woman does not expect recompense, she does not serve, but is served by her vision, she draws her bow. She is the new warrior. Josephine is the new warrior in song. I wish I could be a star, shinin’ all my light from afar. Oh, I wish I could be a star. Shinin’ all the night, forevermore. Josephine in NO HARM DONE has come home. In Nashville, on guitar, electric & acoustic, harp, auto harp, piano, w.Mathew Schneider on 12 string & peal steel guitar & bass, the American idiom sings through her lyrics. Years of travel have taught her to observe, closely, Freemason Drag Don’t tell me there’s no reason, O I could give you one: fr. Freemason & to trust, to respect her perception. Poetic, lyrical & acute. the musical lines on NO HARM DONE are impeccable, familiar & in parts archaic yet as new as the recording itself. No Harm’s a Nashville classic from a world traveler & other worldly dreamer, come home. Thanks for returning, just when you were needed Josephine. at the wheel of fortune. No harm will come if there's no harm done fr. Wheel of Fortune NO HARM DONE is available through Bandcamp.
Louise Landes Levi is still in Kyoto - having been placed There by co-vid fate/ in NYC she is the Recipient of the 2020 Kathy Acker Award For excellence in the AVANT GARDE. Forthcoming WHERE I STAND IN ANGEL. Cool Grove Pr. & sound-art recordings: Opacity & Oblivion, Sloow Tapes, & Mad Song, Oaken Palace.    
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