Olchar E. Lindsann

Two Translations
from the notebook of the Zutiste group (1871)

                      Drunk Driver




                                – Rails!

                                            –Arthur Rimbaud

                              But lastly, c

                              But lastly, c
                              That having
                              I can
                              And by name
                              To dream the se
                              The picture
                              Of those creatur
                              And, far off
                              The elaborat
                              Of a Choler


For Tea Sev in Seventh Heavin'

kidney f,    linger
            (emperor of fentanyl)
p,            rose in diacritics
               stuffed nostrum;
kid-knee k,   linger
gerbhill,        mashed hawk
           (hecate's chevy belt)
f,          lint-lock, eye of liver
felter b,       lunderbus chassis
kindere,      ggren,       ade
(vorpal sy,           ringe)
diurnal yr             pope hole
o kin,   de             gnom gard,
en etiological or,  i face ye
face,    tious ye t,           roll  

                        Ratabernacle Desecrated
                     "ANTU POISONING
                     WILD NORWAY RATS"
                            – Curt P. Richter, in Comparative
                                   Conditioned Neuroses (1953)

                     "eventually reach his"
                            – Laura DeWitt James, William Blake
                                   & the Tree of Life (1971)

                     "Nirvana, Nevada, Vaniada. By the"
                            – Vladimir Nabokov, Ada; or, Ardor (1969)

the development of anxiety Ada, that is imperfect, she
does, however, mummy, POISON him with inaccessibility; yet
here we have a situation in nightmare about "You can, Sir," her worst aspects, POISONS
              plete immobility in Vanya, Vanyusha – Host
       is hidden; she is POISONING WILD NORWAY RATS o
       we commonly so tend . . . (voice trailing off,
radiators "There is a Throne in every WILD NORWAY RAT
       since even if "Dummy-mum" – (laughing). "Angels, too,
                                 have this, Woman has claim'd her own
but continues to feign death to Albion is the Tabernacle
              number of invertebrate animals
as well was Swiss-laced with NORWAY RATS and not
                     the Tabernacle of POISONING
              and also in a few mammals. Sudden ice
              hurtling o Albion, why wilt thou Create re
              lation lactite. to hide the most evident
       catatonic withdrawal; although such specu
                            lations recorded and re-
                                   played in shadows.
Symphony in White Minor
              Christmas, 2020
       "Madonna of the Snows?"
              – Gautier, 'Symphony in White Major'

              woven snow threads shroud
       symphonic ivory pepperd ground
       pon ebony under bony lace
       with powderd pale   dusted round
       pock skin frosty   blanch of face
scumbled   chalky   nacreous   virginal
alkaline earth visage burnishd at wax
or spider-scatterd smock gleams surgical
in bleach linen strewn  of spike arm tacks
       by black trunks scratched the slanted scars
              crost wan as birth sweat brow
       as crystal salt   the star  ô  the star
              gainst tar spill   or the cross
       stitch of pasty powder chills
baby under milky way   embossed
in shattered frigid lily waxen thatch mask
glassy thrice wise gnostic gift pack ice
cadaver writhe with ants on veil linen
paralyzed angel   indolent in child
                     birthing slain  to
  white   utter    snow          draind
                       Insolde Inseult
“two names over in her mind and consider their sound”
                      – Gottfried von Strassburg, Tristan
                                     ~ ~ ~
             “on the arm bit me on”
                      – John M. Bennett, “hun yaxche” (Endname)

   death’s named Tantris and indeed he was soon well again;
   his flesh said day of Tristan no shone with healthy colour.
Isolde kept on looking at him breath filled Tantris;
   she scanned his kitchen Tristan and his
   whole appearance words cloud Tantris with uncommon interest.
She stole the sky I Tristan bit glance after glance
   at his hands me on the arm and Tantris face,
   she studied his Tristan arms and bit me on legs,
   which so openly release the swarm proclaimed Tantris
   what the arm he tried to keep so secret Tristan.
She  looked him  Tantris up was upside down and down;
   and whatever a Tristan maid in’s found may survey
   in a man all action hole pleased her Tantris very well,
   and she praised it water brimmed in Tristan her thoughts.

                             Feamy in Dotage
		for Georges Ribemont-Dessaignes
             “Spiders in the wiring shriek Iambic! fireflakes!”
                          ¬ Michelle Greenblatt & Sheila E. Murphy, Ghazal 10

                                     “reamy rim chis”
                         – Jim leftwich & John M. Bennett, algae

              writhing spire eeeeeend chin up neck lace
melted feather char compliant as integral clip board cuticle
                            caught within
mantic ellor fender bender normally endocrine gooey telephone
creaky honey pot forlorn as kettle drum naphthalene ortle scintillations
                     feamy rebuttal of clarinets
                     weep o aetle wonder fur
                            beetle of choristers
crinkle ye replete with fettle hoarse cough ittage in the mortgage plaque complaint
       back of the throat monitor with it draught of scaly
                     anapest declension skulls
pulp fed telepathy scripture bison pithy moon rack orkal barter
                            aspirin quoth platypus indle
nay the less on bandy knickerbocker atrocities
       acker bottle bombing moth cloud colonies
                            zither ye messes of gret
              tendle your anywhere far from the treadle of mandibles
              repossess never the yearly entire of peonies
              scrawlage forever the portage where onal conspires
              nor zebra past uuuuuuh full speed umbrella mote rebus fork dotage

Lipst ReamS luscious dendrite butter mermaid-shingle burgeons into chariot smeaze battalion lambent neckbrace pine findle eucalyptus dearny polyp of felt naytheless barckled orb you buckle ill upon snip-thrush vertiginal brin ,k
"illfully subversive protest against the typical, class"
Walter Benjamin

"zine that fucks with your mind 'til you come t"
Reverend Suzy Crowbar

It slithered like a snake skin slips from the envelopes the cerebral cortex in a kind of tingly haze the new recruits most cruelly for that's how order's kept in some distant recess of nerves and microtonal foldings of time collapses into drowning signals to the avatars of power some buzz awry in the machinery's running fairly well though there's a slight buzz the fields with percussive thumps of strafing the ridge of your back like a swan neck in the back seat crouches the man with the hook in the first paragraph seduces the reader feels the slow pale buzz beneath the syllables were becoming slurred and the world was flickering between abjection and revolt melt into each other text in the chapbook was dedicated to a distinctive among all the phyla in the ridge of the basin was overflowing with passion and tension built up their defenses and stripped off their high horse to dally in the fields where the bees who are so rapidly dying off buzz in the ear drum beats harder and faster than flashes of thunder your name from the mountain tops spin dizzily lurching through every limb is strained through linen for the shroud in mysterious buzzing at the door by the postman hands are motionless and feel like wax seal is broken with pleasure you which ever way you'd like them that I think it's filled with chapbooks are traded in for a newer model is equipped with free spyware installed in the deer blind to what is coming hearing only the buzz cut to the bone is broken record but it is the truth is broken down here in the forest and the snow drifts away and I gently part it with my fingers tingle and buzz in the chill and shake and the cover was printed on cardstock and blazingly blazingly buzzingly yellow.

Olchar E. Lindsann has published over 40 books of literature, theory, translation, and avant-garde history including The Ecstatic Nerve, Toward a Radical Historiography, and the ongoing multi-volume anti-epic Arthur Dies, the 4th volume of which was recently released on Luna Bisonte. His poems, essays, and translations have appeared in Otoliths, The Lost & Found Times, Fifth Estate, Slova, Rain Taxi Review, Brave New Word, Black Scat Review, Mythic Delirium, and elsewhere, and he has performed sound poetry and lectured extensively in the US and the United Kingdom. Recent translations include chapbooks by the dada poets Georges Ribemont-Dessaignes and Pierre Albert-Birot. He is the editor of mOnocle-Lash Anti-Press, whose catalog includes nearly 150 print publications of the contemporary and historical avant-garde, and of the periodicals Rêvenance, The in-Appropriated Press, and Synapse. He teaches cross-disciplinary humanities courses and writing at a progressive high school in Roanoke, Virginia.
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