Sanjeev Sethi


Snapshots are tokens of frozenness. 
Entities evolve into other beings. In 
space between words, subtexts gleam 
contrary sunbeams. 

In projection of infinite perfections I
wonder what veils your persona. You
enter by invitation. I lower my vallation 
to be snared for a while.

Candles draft the final chapter. Like them
our tie-up is transient. If wishes had their 
way we would have met in a memory book. 
But there is more to us than mal du pays.


Between a utilitarian 
and an idealistic stand
are a platoon of possibilities. 
I wish to inhabit that stretch. 

Sloganeering has its pitfalls.
It confirms and curbs.
Hair of the dog and other
placebos work for some.

Misocainea is a spin-off 
of a meager mind,
limited exposure, 
hemmed-in conditioning.

Blurring offers bountiful  options.
Employing it in enterprise may
parlay into a winning candidate.
Favor the miracle of the middle.

Sanjeev Sethi is published in over thirty countries. Wrappings in Bespoke is joint-winner of Full Fat Collection Competition-Deux organized by the Hedgehog Poetry Press UK. It is his fourth full-length collection. It will be launched in 2021. His poems have found a home in more than 350 journals or online literary venues. Recent credits: NOON | journal of the short poem, The Big Windows Review, Life and Legends, Grand Little Things, Ancient Paths Literary Magazine, Abstract Magazine, and elsewhere He lives in Mumbai, India.
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