Daniel f Bradley

She is good to me (for the kid)

The blade breaks off 
Hits the window breaks 
The glass allowing
The passenger to be 
Sucked out
The carpet is moving 
Under you
Keeping us going 
How come it's gone 
And reared its ugly 
Head again
Like a bread bowl 
Evening at the Improve 
With your host
Jack Spicer Rabbit Crow 
Are now all
That remaining 
It's like Brian Eno
Broke into your laptop with
A secret addiction to construction 
If you don't know about it
It's not
Worth knowing 
Asking me to open 
Up the gates for 
Corgi immortality

Pope Cathode II Superheroes and millionaire athletes This is gnawing their tongues Art of murder internet-radio You said area Me to you Let me tell you About the dream Hostile surgery Sewn to your hem In hospital corridors Tinsel women There just must be a Top Prize for the Sun
Experiencing college age experimentation Everyone listen You little slut Do what you are told The whole beast Be your own pit pony Origins of the world The only social value Is it is inaudible From the feed What's a Chromebook To your wall of crazy Vintage camo gender Neutral jogger Beggars of life Gender-neutral and the House of instant gratification
Our amazing space The idea that There is no such thing As repetition just Practise If you wanna be Don't breathe the word There only little tears Down to you and me Do you see what see The culture of the Dead Frappuccino’s So wrong on paper And so right in real life
Daniel f Bradley:
The four poems are from Get out now before for the violence
and the three visuals from The Dolls
a new book Dust Helvetica, available from Simulacrum Press
a new magazine, Just Like Cream but Worst
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