Hugh Tribbey


The dimmer Vega, Elma’s horrible aspirin
Dela’s sender biscuit 
Halos of unified pies, sergeant toads
Somber rock duration 
Despise the lost mama belch scones 
Laser Gouda
Duran Duran’s Camino 
Micro condors 

A donor boy? Elma’s sunset toast
Delta’s cruising paramour 
The valley of the eternally naïve, Eternal Melanie’s broom
A donkey eats a soldier’s pass
Sin inscribed all guns
Done habits of eggs
All estuaries tumble


Cedar pods mistake the posterior 
Somber quake leaves a blank diamond 
Pods devastate my ailment 
Horrid sulfa announces a liaison

Make no esoteric parts from ribs
Dejected memories of thundering arcades.
Nacre sabers, millennial fried lasagna 
Padres respect the severe key

Calm, quiet toads infest sadistic prisons
Humorous veins tango to dada fondue
Hand out medals for glory ardor

Jars of sucrose, nose candy
Serrate centuries, sedate senior tendrils 
Pulse series, amorous poultry 


A sequel boils, quite mauve, the hot
Anxious algae 

Quell labor of decibel mirrors 
Lace manners of daring, florid peers
Anxious algae

Quell labor of decibel voyeurs
Lace manners, fierce peers
Anxious algae

Lace manners of daring florid peers
Diminish the mirror salad
Anxious algae 

Lace manners, fierce peers
Diminish salad verse
Anxious algae 

Diminish mirror salads
Vengeance dramas, fruit cordials
Anxious algae 


Clear juice, serene Sundays 
The sides of dulcimer mirrors, abalone soup 
Same pork mirrors, miracles of the air
Sea quarters make pictures 
Marshmallows parcel a sequel to queso 
Gnomes misdirect contras
No pork parcels Menos hormones 
Hay torments rabbits 
Clear juice, serene Sundays 
Yaks assume miracles, Menos miracles 


Delay the florid fault
Ahoy the pearl border of lucky alibis!
Well guarded judo
Ladle the jazz mines you frequent,
The conservative piddle
You see a blank total of turbo calories 

Guard the destiny of jazz mines,
An abject era of Edwardian volatility
Ronco clarinets 
Pus of the day
A cad floors me, quest of the day

Mass Clorox, quiet histamine 
Jazz mines destroy the cabaret 
Yuma beasts are timid
Abject TiVo, armed guards 
Liaisons with iguanas 
Florid servants, pagan tune pancakes 

Hugh Tribbey is an Emeritus Assistant Professor of English. He lives in Stillwater, Oklahoma, with his wife, 
Larna. The author of nine collections of poetry, his most recent is One Knowledge from Idler Press.
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