Mary Cresswell


if you were atoms,  I would be over the moon
               and I would build a brand new world

if you were raindrops, I would be equitable
               and dump you on California and Australia

if you were wasps, I would be again equitable
               and point you at the luxury resorts

if you were white light, I would ask you to
               please show me how the colours all fit in

if you were words, I would laugh hysterically
               and ask who let you go to the shops on your own

if you told me you were useful information, I would
               tell each and every one of you 

                              	to pull the other one



Kill off cats
stoats take over

kill off stoats
rats take over

kill off rats
plans made over

strategic planning
butts to cover

lecture stricture
voices louder

traps and baits
signs of power

bigger study
budgets better

stats to cover 
fur and feather


no one else is
here to see

a planet packed 
with Blattidae.

Mary Cresswell is from Los Angeles and has lived on New Zealand’s Kapiti Coast for years. Her latest book is Body Politic: nature poems for nature in crisis (The Cuba Press, 2020).
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