Timothy Pilgrim

French whisks, two   

Missed chance to dance,  
we skim past, whirl, stay at bay —   

murmuration unpaired, 
gone separate ways.  

I dream we don’t twirl by — 
choose different pas de deux,  

become French whisks, two,  
intertwine, emulsify.  

We mix till dawn, create sauce, 
creamy, rich. Succulent, thick. 


Adages, maxims, aphorisms aside — 
forget, too, for a moment, politicians, 
sarcastic lies  — early in life, each of us 
makes a choice to live by.   

Always let other people know 
we are very, very smart.  

Or, be kind.

Timothy Pilgrim has a new book of poems (400 of them), Seduced by metaphor: Timothy Pilgrim collected published poems (Cairn Shadow Press, 2021).
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