Keith Nunes

Trouble up top 

Siren-sound in shuddery room of
Run-of-the-pepper-mill upheaval in
Cliff-side grandeur-home staged with
Designer effects set in cooing cul-de-sac

Russell Hobbs boiling on black marble
Steely-stainless imported German steaming 

Highest-price high-volume aqua vitae 
Crackling brains of baleful intent 
Standing uptight-abstract in black & beige
The desperately loud, quietly desperate 

Bad place

I was in a bad place
There were some bad people there
The place itself, well, it was a space of unknown sincerity and character
It was decorative, draped in accoutrements of tasteful tone
But within it all, and it was all within,
I was in a bad place

The continuous present

Or liars
Something quite typical 
The submariner who can’t walk straight after all those bubbles
Here comes a dog
A dog with a smile, at a snail’s pace but without the guidance of a snail, 
Round the running track, a walker
Stoned, having been stoned by a malevolent mob

An eclipse
Moon as massif, a massive moon too big for the sun 

She’s crossing the steppe
Step by step but out of step and 
Yes, stepped on but finally stepping out, stepping off

Flowers on the fringes of the Edenist garden
Liars telling us they are not ours, these flowers
They are for sale but they are the sellers’
These liars, telling themselves home-truths in the sober AM
And anyway,
There’s flowers everywhere

Keith Nunes (Aotearoa/NZ) has had poetry, fiction, haiku and visuals published 
around the globe. He creates ethereal manifestations because he's no good at anything 
practical or useful.
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