Paul Pfleuger, Jr

Four Poems

one of the attractions
no matter how many
and the unique interaction
greatest escape of all
for the ultimate adventure
you have been chosen
will you belong to
your body and mind
to open your eyes
to pleasure and inspire
as you soar through
a different dimension sense
an interstellar trip feeling    
a result of pursuing
to the careful placement
there’s a reason this
when we say that
this your first clue
get that classic feel
of the classic machine
you will feel exactly
while experiencing a feeling
say that you’ve tamed
a super death feeling
this beast bucks wildly
and fangs his fangs


better today tomorrow you
not all created equal
fragrances reflect qualities within
emote an inspiring quote
being your own boss
your own fairy story
prefer the word libertine
we found our voices
exclusive benefits life-improving content
comfort in tough times
beauty within conscious consumers
tired of being tired
a gift of time
what treats lay inside
relax returning to silence
quotes to live by
beat anxiety navigate uncertainty
let’s dance titting about
free feel good fix
for people who want
you are not alone
enjoy heart-warming personal stories
be kind to yourself
understand happiness from within
loved by all ages
emotional relief hand bottled

I want to apologize 
so I deeply apologize 
to everyone I offended  
direct and special apologies 
I have to admit 
it's hard to admit 
I was so wrong 
apology for the insensitivity 	
that was my way 
my words were insensitive 
the words I spoke 	
i shouldn’t have spoken 
despite anything anyone says 
I’m taking this seriously
the book I endorsed  	 
that I did blackface  	 
by excusing historical racism  
do not starve yourselves    
a completely thoughtless post 	
sorry for offending anyone 	
it’s not my character 
I am deeply remorseful 
I have evolved and matured 
I’ve learned my lesson   
before all of you 	
it won’t happen again 


true tales of adventure
wanderlust alive and well
branded content try this
the wide-open world awaits
curse like a sailor
go with us outside
keep dreaming about exploring
reeling in the years
visit over-shared instagrammed places
your outside side ready
hiking outside is free
keep it wild adventurer
get your fish on
share thoughts and stories
out there live bravely
the world has changed
eventually chose our isolation
off the beaten track
real simple different cigarettes
a shot worth taking
filled with wild abandon
find your true north
the object in motion
addicted to the view
we called it solitude
cure for cabin fever

Originally from Buffalo, New York, Paul Pfleuger, Jr now lives, writes and teaches in Chiayi, Taiwan. His work has appeared in several anthologies and in print and online journals. He is the former co-editor of R'r online journal and is the author of A Zodiac, a collection released by Red Moon Press in 2013.
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