Cameron Dean Gibson

Turkey Sandwich in New Buffalo

If I ever get a boat, I’ll name it Turkey Sandwich #2,
after the original Turkey Sandwich, 
a boat I saw in New Buffalo. 

I might also try, 
Turkey Sandwich in New Buffalo,

The Original Turkey Sandwich in New Buffalo, 

if it fits.

Don't Drink the Mud Puddles of DePue, IL
          (America's Dirtiest Boat Race)

We know New Jersey Zinc’s in the carpet,
Cups, and piled around the old park. 
The racers know it too.
They camp where they can, rip elephant ears, 
Lite beers, and lemon shake-ups,
Turn our town of a thousand to ten times that — 
For four days a year, for Little League and a library.
Because the race beats the EPA
As air blacks July, when flat-bottomed boats
Shoot kicked-up lithopone across Lake DePue,
Our lifeblood, 

Cameron Dean Gibson is an artist working in poetry, experimental film, and Days of Our Lives fan fiction. His work has appeared in the International Film Festival Rotterdam, European Media Art Festival, and the Museum of Contemporary Art, Chicago. He’s currently based in Pasadena, CA.
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