hiromi suzuki

A Day in the Life


hiromi suzuki is a poet, fiction writer and artist living in Tokyo, Japan. She is the author of Ms. cried - 77 poems by hiromi suzuki (Kisaragi Publishing, 2013), logbook (Hesterglock Press, 2018), INVISIBLE SCENERY (Low Frequency Press, 2018), Andante (AngelHousePress, 2019), and Found Words from Olivetti (Simulacrum Press, 2020). Her works have been published internationally in poetry journals, literary journals, and anthologies.
web site: https://hiromisuzukimicrojournal.tumblr.com/
Twitter: @HRMsuzuki
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Blogger Jack Galmitz said...

Bravo, Hiromi!
You consistently produce great art.
I love your work; always turn to it first when I see your name.

6:36 AM  

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