Louise Landes Levi

SAKE & THE DRAGON PLACE sake party, 4 gentlemen in the master room, old guest house, abandoned now, but the sake parties- continue. I want one too, in my room — sake window in exchange for no windows in store room/mine. * Gazing intently at the karesansui, 15 or 14, why am I so concerned — later discover, this 'problem' is one of the Ryoanji mysteries, I do not want to disturb the Japanese gentle- man, equally engrossed. Suddenly, in the silence where are you from. What? Hitting on me in the rock garden? good question, I say & continue efforts to solve the 'equation,' 14 or 15 rocks - Clarity & Emptiness, Deva too, but not w. him.
note: In ZEN union of clarity & emptiness principal methods of enlightenment, in DZOG CHEN, clarity, emptiness & bliss — deva — or sensation.                                                                            *
which, when for the knowing, the knowing of you, I willingly do, aspire, the wet & dry - river, rock & mountain, I, appreciate yr. NEAR, here on planet I appre- ciate, yr. far & guardian, finally, I immerse, water & then, on the other edge, I am carried,
Kyoto May-June 2021 Louise Landes Levi is still in Kyoto - having been placed There by co-vid fate/ in NYC she is the Recipient of the 2020 Kathy Acker Award For excellence in the AVANT GARDE. Forthcoming WHERE I STAND IN ANGEL. Cool Grove Pr. & sound-art recordings: Opacity & Oblivion, Sloow Tapes, & Mad Song, Oaken Palace.    
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