John M. Bennett

what not said

wipe off whapped wind whacked
today & day's thin foam where
eyes the door once were uh deep
screen walks down street walks
round street a sheet where air
is cost's time indentation of my
skull my wheeze whapcked & sp
inning teeth across concrete white
chunks dance on dark smeared oil

I swept
I shoveled
my back my backs

no shallow lip oil folder dust cubic
scraper off yr clank wind's mute meat
salad fallen on stairs , cloud gate form
foam yr suit in tentahole deep flag
skull & cumbre de herramientas
breathe the loud pills & mud torn
neck leaks sombra es , sol y camisa gar
ganta vacía , tos , cojonitos son
bleached tools a dog leg storm inst
ant cage , lunch grease fills yr bed
nor book inhabitation O feel seep
sock glue time of gasoline & spoons
stale shade comb defeeted
slather hour    blitz           clouds

tener tanates

puede si no los teniere
el libro se abriría o se
cerraría , puede que el
excusado me hablare de
tamales y hotdogs , o si
los tuviera los dados se
abrieren al revés , para
que el meollo se secare
a la luz de la tele y la
oscuridad de un foco
estrellado , para que
salieren las huevadas
de mi muerte circular

nalgas noéticas

enter flood behind the lens is
splintered window USTA all of ,
left worm thot behind yr trembling
fridge its ice eye refraction , sl
eet b ridge form  's yr neg
ckt shallow swallowed torn
licht sinkhole tongue , say it  
iT  's  a fumarole a bull
et  's asshole dreams a
chirping methane wind a str
ingy spreech dances out
yr boquita tumefacta

b lasts wurds

tumba endic stuns a corporactiv
shed dung beest c ess en
turbulent corn s wells yr
face enregagement wit a
lusty rain's window tine re
turned ah florking past -
numeronte es , o cagamétrico
de mhis dhientes hendémicos
, entes subrepticiamente
überficiales  ¡Ay mhis
huevos indultos o insulsos ,
es mi tanate fofo sin ocurrencias
sin locurrencias sin aire viva del
occiso que me espera en el reloj
en el tictoc de la torre podrida!

piedra blanquinegra

emplaquement , wind form ,
enjoinder of the steadycam's
error of perception street rol
led up , contains a throbbing
knee headache whistles thru
my ears blank dogs walking

angulation of a flashlight
my belly's dark swell  
jueves será , o un martes exmortal

colmb flago troath

singol tlube mectric , uh blist's
dugct streep blang 'n calngor
sumpin' flayfir inder dlreem's
murthdror 'n lungchors , ah's ah
clave tor min , min troath's
mortic , slithord por im toctic
meenst congraction . wult blemner
snlores , ni somdive slees


enspoked dur et liquide un
thraot enhopping thru huh negck
was dune & glue , stiff dampersand
's encursive sheets' spread strung
drivel , blood or air , ain't nuthin'
, folks , a storm

     “coordinate discursive cocoons”
      - Jim Leftwich

inhabit chain neck
shoulder spine collapsed
said breath progressive
shoulder sleep talk
at window's mirror
your tree inversion
churns eye wind
sweat soaks book
cave swirls dissolute
finger swims away
mirror talk regressive collapsed neck
finger cave sweat churns your
window's sleep breath spine chain
tree     eye     soaks     swirls     swims

you is
      Time, he said, is only a black dot.
         - Antonio Tabucchi

aphasia palace , duplicate
offerings , clouds burnt
italics indexed in the sounds
of elephants smoking small
plagiarisms loom toward
self-destruction , archaic
horse forms uttered por el
tu para el usted  , enlace
de huesos y piedras , circ
unflejo circular , your hair a
dot  bang reference , hurtles
toward a roof a sleep a
corridor longing for your
water behind the statue
melting in your double dawn

-Condensate crumpled from Iván Argüelles'
“The Mirror of Literature”, April 2021
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