Mark Cunningham

Mussels of Southeast Missouri
(a) Broken Rays newtrall Rainbow-shell first proposed for a genus of flies Kidney-shell somewhat Rainbow-shell post-half Broken Rays de-crease. ex-pand Western Fan-shell both directions out Plectomerus dombeyana elliptical for Western Fan-shell elongated into a coil (b) Purple Shell ting lines Broken Rays spurst Rainbow-shell more blue Little Spectacle-case val(v/u)e Little Spectacle-case trans(v/w)erse Purple Shell corruget Rainbow-shell fact.or Broken Rays ne(u/a)r Rabbit’s Foot margin somewhat late Western Fan-shell vurgent Western Fan-shell papillairy Curtis’ Shell absencyst Rainbow-shell origedgedgination Little Spectacle-case font.anus Curtis’ Shell (g)loss Plectomerus dombeyana int.erred Little Spectacle-case bafal. bfal (c) Hickory-nut scar.city Broken Rays numero.us numerouse Purple Shell urpratus Curtis’ Shell errunt Asiatic Clam enterlocking Purple Shell muddell Obovaria Jacksoniana er(r)osion Kidney-shell si(t/p) Rainbow-shell riadiat Asiatic Clam negular s/pace Broken Rays incur.incurrent Kidney-shell lowcally Asiatic Clam sallilent Plectomerus dombeyana traipezoide Rainbow-shell s(t)uffixed. s(n)uff.used Western Fan-shell ssh.allow Little Spectacle-case spectrummage Asiatic Clam innummerubble Kidney-shell inequip.par.trite Western Fan-shell starteruffle Rabbit’s Foot uni.orange unio.range Asiatic Clam expansieve Asiatic Clam abundont Western Fan-shell spots dense enough to form Curtis’ Shell apostrophe nothing Kidney-shell interiorupted Plectomerus dombeyana plycations Curtis’ Shell oblivid Rainbow-shell multivasillation Obovaria Jacksoniana pressure. un(st)able Obovaria Jacksoniana arest Hickory-nut host not listed as inhabiting Asiatic Clam resiplocal Little Spectacle-case reprod.duct Little Spectacle-case biflowcull Obovaria Jacksoniana stoppage Curtis’ Shell exist Plectomerus dombeyana inesse inesse/ntial inessensual inessenshell
Mark Cunningham lives in the USA in Missouri, a state that continually is among the most frequent in terms of COVID surges, since people will not wear a mask and the whole COVID thing "really does not exist, so much so that laws have had to be passed to prevent local health agencies from taking steps to slow the spread of the non-existent problem." In addition to old favorites 80 Beetles and Helicotremors (both from Otoliths), he has in the midst of this managed to get a new book out from if p then q: Future Words, a dictionary of meanings that are gathering but have not yet found their words. It is available as a free PDF as well as a print book, so there's no excuse not to find it amazingly wonderful.
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