Thomas Osatchoff


The eye of history dismembers
               thought thinking itself 
               forgetful force akin
                              to vigorish—what compels 
a rational actor playing self        such a theory
                              and invert. Mind 
the gap        where history attempts to recall

the space between us disputing 
                                             no person's land
separating Loos and Hulluch. Aerially akin 
to see split seconds consider
below. The whole of it. World War People. That's Us. 
Insidiousirus: a new type of flower, eye, or dinospore
                              usurping ourselves.

Very Weird

Machine-accessible history finds itself in us
coded functionaries of a non sequitur occult.

Thomas Osatchoff, together with family, is building a self-sustaining home near a waterfall. Recent work has appeared in Arteidolia, Penumbra, ELJ Editions, and elsewhere.
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