Daniel f Bradley

2 poems from MCCCXLVI is The Year of The Orca

The neighbor’s swimming pool change room had a Playboy pin-up 
Named storms
Just to see you smile
Listening to the Beach Boys getting high and hope then we'll be happy 
In my woody I would take you
Baby when you race today just take along my love with you 
It’s really difficult to hate yourself with so many likes
Ask him if you can be his personal toy tonight 
Stoner witch coat hanger
Las Vegas is like those pleasure planets in Star Trek
One of the more interesting items on display were the “Travelling Pants” 
The thing with the thing in the thing
A surprising numbers of attacks
The military and the police play cosplay 
Sun-bleached and haunted
When you can't see the problem because it's you 
Powdered minerals
Mad as a hatter of course 
Excuse me
Trauma dumper
Nobody knows the inside 
No pussyfooting
My ghost kids 
Death ledger
I hear you paint houses 
Accidental evil
The oafish soldier was killed by Punji Sticks
I opened the curtains and Brautigan and Spicer were walking by different ways

See things as they are 
From your burning hands 
Hail Stone Aka
Coming in on the ground floor 
Let's try to be perfect
And I don’t even blame you
Rip me open pull out all my brains 
Hey booze man
In most cases nothing
Then again we are made from plastic
He came back from war with a simple kind of faith in The Universe and a drinking problem
So I guess I'll have to rob a bank
How quickly Kiss became the Hello Kitty of Rock 
Samurai man bun’s all round
What’s wrong with being uptight
When Jeff Bezos travels to the past it’s a blast I just gotta move on 
Everyone was joining a coven or hiding from one in the 80's
Kills two
It's not that I don't believe in you 
The Field of Reeds.
The next words you read will try and explain 
The words they say won’t mean anything
Thrash with ghosts when the mosh pits came and ruined punk 
Solitude pretty easy to maintain 
Shadows colliding
Not my strong suit
We buried our past and dug it up to see if we were still right

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