Gavin Lucky

big black buddha

in the corner of the room
I guess this is a bad trip
when I get out of bed
I’ll write a letter to you
I’m giving it all up
I’m coming back to you
fling your arms around me
like you did way back when
actually when you flung your arms around
me I told you to fuck off
you weren’t what I was looking
for I was looking for something
that I couldn’t have
and you said
I could have you anytime
so where’s the fun in that
when I get out of my bed
I will throw out my bad habits
are you a bad habit?
I will move
I will find god
on a mountain
I will lose god
in the valley
I will find him again
in a public restroom and 
not tell anyone for years and years and years
until I’m on my deathbed
and then I’ll say
there was a big black buddha
in the corner of the room
and they’ll ask me
what was he like?
but I’m already

The Hundred Schools of Thought

Can be organized alphabetically or chronologically or according to one’s personal preference, from least to most favorable or vice versa. They may have numbered more or less than exactly one hundred and we are still unsure as to whether or not they existed in the same time and space or whether there was a spread, a great dispersal. Did they exist at all? The jury is still out, as with everything else.

Gavin Lucky is a peripatetic teacher. Previous work of his has appeared in Otoliths, Riverbed Review, MacQueen’s Quinterly and Shot Glass Journal.
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