Marilyn Stablein

Fractured Weather One Fractured Weather
power grid lock downs from houston’s arctic freeze to the northwest’s deadly heat wave Two Burning Planet
millennial apocalypse intense heat dome cities, vineyards, forests scorched Three Toxic Air
in brown air open tents homeless shelter/swelter hundreds perish in three days Four Masked Sun
ash, soot-laden air dims, swallows the sun from covid-19 masks to air pollution face guards Five Climate Chaos
rising seas, flooding, condo collapse megadroughts, mass casualty heat events climate change—nature’s pandemonium

Fractured Weather is part of an ongoing graphic serial started during the Covid-19 virus pandemic of 2020-2021.
Five collages in this sixth installment include: Fractured Weather, Burning Planet, Toxic Air, Masked Sun, Climate Chaos.
Approximately 4.3” x 6.3”, Strathmore 80 lb. paper, vintage medical, game, travel images, maps, decorative papers, hand made papers, miscellaneous ephemera, and found text.

Marilyn Stablein is a multidisciplinary artist working in poetry, prose, collage, assemblage, photography, artist books, and performance art to explore visual narrative, travelog and memoir. Her artwork appears in journals, books, online and in private and public collections. Red Fox Press recently published Himalayan Notebook, an artist book of vernacular time/place based 1960s travel collages. marilynstablein.com
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