Jazmine Blu


 Will I find Hemmingway
along the way
still sitting next to
his fireplace
with his pipe in his mouth
Will he give me advice
on the experience
I want to see his pipe bob
even if he dismisses me
Is Paris too far away
Will I find Picasso
drinking and yes
if he offered
I would pose for him
no matter how
crazy I might
look when he‘s
done with me
I want to be closer
to the Seine
and to the scene
where Stein also mingled
would she offer me a drink too
Is Paris too far away
In the taverns
we will drink vin
with the best lips
and feather tips
of this time
I would love being their
friends or their rivals
it wouldn’t matter
Is Paris too far away

Jazmine Blu was born in Paris, France, She now resides in Oregon, USA where she studies literature and Rife frequency healing. She is a poet, glass sculptor, and journeyman carpenter. She is currently working on her first book of poems.
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Blogger Jack Galmitz said...

Would love to see some images of your glass works maybe next issue.

1:23 AM  

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