Jim Leftwich


Jim Leftwich writes: "My wife, Sue, and I live in a van, mostly in Arizona, California, Oregon and Nevada. We have friends and family in North Carolina and Virginia. At the moment, our van is in the shop, in Virginia, waiting for a transmission. A shortsighted version of this story might blame the congestion of container vessels off the coast at the Port of Los Angeles and the Port of Long Beach, combined with early snowstorms and road closures in the Rockies, but a more interesting train of thought could begin with the theory and practice of just-in-time inventory. It is not the job of the poet to make things easy for English professors. Of course we are worried about the corona variations, the megadrought, the heat domes, wildfires, flash floods and mudslides, water shortages, crowded parks, politicized selfishness and cynicism. Imagine a poetry anthology roughly twice the size of the average Norton, entitled POETS ON THE RIGHT SIDE OF HISTORY. Let's do what we need to do to write our way into it"
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