Rémi Forte



Rémi Forte is a French graphic and typeface designer, as well as a poet. He holds diplomas from the Atelier national de recherche typographique (ANRT, Nancy), the École nationale supérieure des beaux-arts de Lyon (Ensba Lyon), and the École Estienne (Paris). His work lies at the intersection between contemporary poetic practices and typography.

He is currently developing—within the research unit TransCrit, and under the supervision of Vincent Broqua—a practice-based research thesis entitled, Poetic Program, Typographic System, which is an examination of the tensions that exist between poetic writing, typographic composition, and typeface design.

Since 2019, he has managed the French type foundry 205TF. He teaches typography at the Strate Design School in Lyon and is a visiting lecturer for the Graphic Design Master’s program at Ensba Lyon.
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