John M. Bennett & C. Mehrl Bennett


World's a mirror your foot head
weeps weeds thru an opening in a
traffic cone thru a closing in the
exosphincter made from ramen noodles

Your spine dreams of squirrel traffic
burning on the wires and sending signals
thru an opening in the laundry bin's
quivering water fall of dirty socks

Shirt's lip crusted with salt
anchor in yr mouth with sardines
pool of weaving water births bagels
head feels heavy with nouns & verbs


C. Mehrl Bennett is an artist and lives in Columbus OH with poet spouse, John M. Bennett, whom she met via the mail art network. Her multi-media includes assembly of found objects, collage / drawing / painting, poetry, visual poetry, short songs, performance events, temporary installations, mailart (handmade books, artistamp sheets & rubberstamp carving, flux related ephemera, archiving, network activities), video and audio recordings. She is book designer/ associate editor (with JMB) of publishing imprint Luna Bisonte Prods.
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