Andrea Astolfi

thursday's colors


Andrea Astolfi: 1990, Italy. Text, visual-poetry, asemic, glitch, poster, video, sound art, radioart, analogue and digital photography. Research extended to different fields of investigation never defined or concluded, always in osmosis and flexion, among which we distinguish a reflection on the centrality of the aesthetics of emptiness, of the practice and essentiality of work, a study on the concept of non - authorship, the recursion of the glitch as an aesthetic element, as a component of non-action. Publications: utsanga.it | nazioneindiana.com | niederngasse.it | ilcucchiaionellorecchio.it | www.slowforward.net | neutopiablog.org | perimetro.eu | zetaesse.org . Co-founder of the avant-garde movement Liminalismo (Aprile – Astolfi – Caggiula – Garrapa – Perozzi).
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