Johannes S. H. Bjerg

Five drawritings & Three spans of one-line poems


Thursday September 30 2021 (Dowland) and just as you thought it wasn’t raining what’s with the purple what’s with the hairdo? gather in the small fishes of heaven the relationship between absence and presence is a thorn now you’re all tree you see the hidden web of lachrymal ducts seven words for sorrow without feathers I can do nothing but make a two-legged chair of your poem with the cats and dogs two sparrows fall within
Thursday October 7 2021 (Purcell’s Fantasias) void of dreams we crawl inside slugs your jacket’s giving up emptying its sleeves for one last time now your left hand is a bird you no longer want it’s just that the turning of leaves leaves you numb there’s till an awful lot of returning to do his short life was full of strings and voices and wigs dusknurses hum and sharpen their needles with lark spit after all the night is bright enough to seep through you
Thursday October 14 2021 (pre-cog.) you will check your phone battery 14 times watching the rain fall a Western gale takes your name to the Russian plains the road under your feet meets another and you’re lost one last butterfly and you wrap yourself in the Psalms of David you keep falling home and running out of string it’s useless against the loss of daylight but you buy a new used walking stick anyway on a short day you find the ocean where you left it now there’s red and yellow where the green was

Johannes S. H. Bjerg thrives during the lockdown in a village in Denmark. He's already used to being semi-hermitic or hermeneutic or whatever it's called. He's the editor of Bones - journal for the short verse and The Other Bunny - for the other kind of haibun. He has published several books which can be found/downloaded at http://megaga.dk -> Books.
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Blogger andrew topel said...

your drawritings are beautiful!

5:57 PM  
Blogger Tom B said...

Always good to read your words and see your art.

2:29 AM  

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