Julia Vaughan

Lady in Red 
(for Chris de Burgh)
In 1986 out he went to look for, and found and bought a bolt of red silk. Smooth, light, so special. Perfect for a new dress for the Degree Award dinner with the big boss at the Meikles Hotel. New sewing machine. Electric. Only had a hand one before. Will I be able to make it pretty enough? All tailored, smart. New pattern, new skill. Pinning, cutting, tacking, sew. Gently ironing. Pin, cut, tack, iron, and sew. A red dress. I feel magnificent. A special Lady in Red. His Lady in Red. So proud of his achievements. So proud to be on his arm. So glad my dress looks like a bought one! So glad he went out to look for a bolt of red silk. My dear love, my soulmate.
Julia Vaughan moved to Australia with her husband in 1989. She dreams of being an accomplished poet after attending inspiring U3A “I just don’t get poetry” classes, on the Victorian Surf Coast. When not dreaming, she can be found gardening, or walking her two Vizsla dogs on the beach.
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