Paul Pfleuger, Jr.

Three from attunes

before you read think
think about the following
think about the structure
imagine the situations described
read the first part
read the given situation
the setting of this
look at these words
now read the rest
what is the connection
fill in the blanks
reread the opening lines
what do they mean
what is the purpose
what do you think
are there any clues
to complete the sentences
find the related word
what is the tone
what is the theme
which line best describes
which word fits best
ask yourself which word
use your own words
you may look back
read through the writing


each group of words
which one best expresses
the audience for this
which construction is used
which line uses alliteration
which line uses personification
some texts have more
the speaker feels that
the writer feels that
read the poem carefully 
choose the best meaning
which word merely means
according to this reading
and use the clues
then ask and answer 
read the poem again
and write your own
create similes and metaphors
use words you know
as you write think
you can change words
convey a new mood
use your own ideas
write what you feel 
read what you wrote
reread what you wrote


the sentences the statements
the description the graph
the letter the story
the poem the passage
think about each question
find the main idea
answer the inference questions
find words or phrases
identify the literary devices
what is the error     
indicate where errors are
and correct any mistakes
based on the reading  		
based on the writing
what is the gist
what the writer means
work with a partner
discuss with your partner
use what you learned
give your partner feedback
consider your partner’s comments 
then compare your answers
explain what you believe
talk about your tastes
make your statements positive
then complete this conversation

Originally from Buffalo, New York, Paul Pfleuger, Jr. now lives and works in Chiayi, Taiwan. His work has appeared in several anthologies and in print and online journals and zines. He is the former co-editor of R'r online journal and is the author of A Zodiac, released by Red Moon Press in 2013.
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