Stephen Mead

Other Hotels, Neighborhoods

The cocktail hour, thin dreams interrupted by displacement-----
               Now just where the heck ...
               my glasses ... I can't find-----

Ah, dogwood, the blossoms on wallpaper, rococo chintz, a reliable 
               bellhop, chianti-----
voices from those other guests sweeping through-----

these were hinterlands, the outback: 
saddle-bag packed donkeys 
trekking along mirage dissolution 
to wake

               love, the sky gorgeous Michelangelo's rumples, 
                 this suite, our terrace, talking over coffee
               while the moon slipped through

Eiffel girders 
bringing us down fire escapes 
subways,  that dusty grit gleaned to mica lucent sand, bubbling up memories of

               daylight delis again along the promenade, that canal
               we glide up, glide up…

two cafes
               filled with druids spouting quite quietly
               the fountain's intoxicating firmament.

Resident Artist & Curator for the online Chroma Museum, artistic representations of LGBTQI persons and organizations predominantly before Stonewall, Stephen Mead has been a published outsider artist/writer going on thirty years now. He is immensely grateful to the myriad publications who have presented his work over this timespan, and given his need to create a voice of support. Recently he has had work published in The Pinecone Review and Neologism Poetry Journal.
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