Craig Cotter

When I was a 17-year-old freshman at Michigan State

Nancy, a senior, said she wanted us to explore each other's sexual fantasies.  
We'd take turns, each getting a fantasy.

Her rules:  

                        We never date
                        We never say I love you


One of my fantasies was to take a shower with a girl.

I soaped her 34D firm, soft tits and pussy.


One of her fantasies was to edge me for an hour 
then eat my load.

You gotta love a girl with a fantasy like that
but I followed the rules.


Head for Thailand

have Ho's cousin drive me to Boyztown, Pattaya

find a bilingual boy to be my guide 
like last time

took me on a long walk 
away from the tourist area

to an open-air restaurant
stall beside a sidewalk
tarp roof

for the best noodle soup I’ve ever had

Zuma Good Words

Rich man zooms by
black Porsche

Poor man 
white panel-truck.

I'd suck the hot one.

Sunset yellow
no drama or beauty,
a yellow jacket more beautiful.

Creeley, Frank—

it does seem a bit like both of you

too short and too personal

Four black power lines 
make 3 rectangles of blue sky.

A gull flies behind the lines,
3 gulls,

one in each panel 
of blue rice paper. 

When Earvin Left State

In 1979
I hit his car
with a baseball
in front of West Wilson Hall.

After apologizing (he was totally unconcerned about the dent)
I asked if he’d sign my Sporting News
with him on the cover cutting down the net—

He agreed, the elevators were stuck
I lived on the 6th floor
flew up the 5 flights
—he waited.


Dorm leaders have since established new rules
no hardball in the semi-circle driveway
which I hope this year’s freshmen are ignoring.

               	—for Earvin Magic Johnson


Instructions to picture a positive dream future,
so I thought about Jerry Wu,
the best rock guitar player in Los Angeles.

Did some positive imaging of Curtis at Trader Joe's, 
he just sent me a URL of the video he made of McCartney at Coachella this year
(he waited in line 9 hours to be at the front of the stage—he’s 19
and appears to appreciate The Beatles as much as I do—
and he's hotter than I ever was at 19, about 5 times hotter.*
I dreamed of a positive future in his pants.

And I thought of KJ's beautiful white mixed with Asian thick lips,
his black hair spikey with gel.


The Light within me?  

(In Costa Rica the white bread is Bimbo—
the puffy Bimbo character is on the side of each Bimbo Bread truck.)


One of Bernie's ex-wives' new boyfriend 
was in India with the Beatles in '67.

I want to meet him like anyone who knew Frank O'Hara, 
Vincent Warren on the top of the list.

You have enough Light to see how this all ties together?  
I sure as fuck do.

               *5-9, 125, pale white skin, dark eyes, dark long oily hair, perfect full lips 
               and perfect slightly long pointed nose.  Wears the best skinny jeans and 
               tight t-shirt that shows off perfectly his pale skinny arms with not much 
               hair on them.  His face usually has a nice oily skin eruption or two.  He 
               wears keys off his jeans belt-loop and has box cutters in his back pocket.  
               He's so friendly and his dark eyes bulge slightly and sometimes look moist 
               and slightly bloodshot from staying out all night drinking and doing drugs.  

Will you hold my seat?

How much violence would you like me to expend?

Craig Cotter was born in 1960 in New York and has lived in California since 1986. His poems have appeared in California Quarterly, Chiron Review, Columbia Poetry Review, Court Green, The Gay & Lesbian Review, Great Lakes Review, Hawai’i Review, & Tampa Review. His fourth book of poems, After Lunch with Frank O’Hara, is currently available on Amazon.
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