Chuck Joy

I love these shoes
their brown look, their smooth taper
to squared toes, looking down
I become a handsome stranger
a character, no other life
than these lines, these words
on your computer, you’re reading
them, a poem
here through your eyes
my voice in your mind
separation an illusion, imagine
a sidewalk, got it?
we’re walking together
how do you like these shoes?

an antique powerboat, white and red
crossing blue water, a bay
no one visible at the helm
the treatment plan self-evident
two sentences into the evaluation,
managing the remainder of the conversation
to a satisfactory conclusion
the art of medicine
virtual poetry open mic,
small faces on the computer
words come through even clearer

Chuck Joy, poet. Magazines (recent): 2 Bridges, Pratik, poetrybay, First Literary Review – East, Main Street Rag. Poetry collections: Theme of Line, Fun Poetry, Said the Growling Dog, Percussive, others. Host, Poetry Night (weekly poetry event) 2017-2020. Poet Laureate, Erie County Pennsylvania, 2018-2021. Is a child psychiatrist. More at www.chuckjoy.com.
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Blogger Jack Galmitz said...

Thank you for sharinbg, Chuck.
I especially liked Shoes!
I like the spareness of the poem, the momentariness of it, the linearity, the fact that we took a walk together online.

6:19 AM  

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