Jim Leftwich

Zenobia In Pocosin
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dry wash dual axle 5th wheel dry wheel 5th wash axle axle dry axle dual wheel 5th ash dry mash 5th axle dual duel dry duel dual mash 5th fifth dry fifth duel 5th dual mask dry mask dual filth with glue dry glue with mask due pith suitcase of soup and the future is a fruit in the eye / nor skeleton poof towards the peril forward off road wheel cutter diesel exit exit off road cutter diesel wheel wheel exit off cutter diesel road road wheel diesel off exit cutter cutter road wheel extra diesel of toad heel butter golf exists thumb the independent number if reality, then hasten the neurons into an oblivion of the new healing spiral stone cabin camp host healing ghost spiral tramp tone robin sealing robe gone toast camp spitting no such foam of oil on loan in succulent protein which has an answer ahem an anchor amen a cadence of anarchic history absatz besatz cersatz desatz ersatz effsatz eggsatz kersatz norsatz nonsatz persatz puhsatz presatz resatz sursatz ursatz yrsatz exsatz sand hand band and bond honed stand corridors destabilized by 2nd century theorem no frontier without a horse
What If it's not about You? What Do we do Then? Let the boat rides roll. Into the Ides of Much. What if it's not about Me? What Do we do now? if is as is if in on non no on in Chopped wordwoods Worldwoulds Warwards The tone poem the Toe poem the asemic Antipoem towing the Moon into orbit Around round and a Round our slowly Unroiling dirt Chopin was a name-dropper. Name-drop soup. Drop-step scoop shot. Constructions. Constellations. Fish. Etudes. List-ok oems. Accidents. Arbitrary is not = to random. Find your Self In a grain of sand. Salt Creek. Run-off. He has run-off in his veins. Bat batching the super owl. Let the bow ties roll. Act facts lack like a man. ike a moon and more. Like A mung bean. Among the Ores and scores mining On the moon, on the barking quark snide of the mood, minding Tilapia and Lithium, salt On the seasonal Seasoned Sea. Act back Like a snack mantra a Snack mandala a stack Of flat irons ash a Pancake a stupor Bowl of xheiimg nose Cherry bows pansemic Reading as writing baf fled rafters in the Pandemic desert. No Desk shirt deserted For the Sonoran Desert. it is a contour a febrile suite / it is french fried observations of an argyle agent bearded and smooth like a shrunken snake
do not doubt it do knot doubt it dew not doubt it dew knot Put yourself in a sentence. Lead your self around like a dog on a leash, a six foot leather leash. gravestrings gravesprings gravesponge gravespores gravespoon gravesongs rejoice in impeccable joice in impeccable rejoice in peccable joice in peccable the virtual rain people they they debunk the powerful cost/benefit analyses and they they / who remains remains / society, with whales for sale, shadows of the imposter Did you get my text? It's the 21st century. Did you get my email? It's the 21st century. 2022. I'm in Texas. 21st century. Did you read my text? It's about being in West Texas, in the 21st century. Middle of winter. February 11. Sun going down. 73 degrees. Did you in Texas in The middle of my Text? First thirst. Fast thirst. Last thirst. Thirst first.
am aim am ham him his is as at am dam dab cab cob cub club cub cab lab lob sob snob snot not nut gut gum hum him ham am am Put your Self in a Sentence. Lead your Self around Like a log On a dish. A fish, yes, A dis Course a Bout, best Wishes. be in the vale of flash / the facts, where the facts are scribbled and unread
the voice omits the greening article and the umlaut tanker bilateral train training manual charge charges servic reporse that bacteria the crust of consumer beans / who follox in tears the rougher intuitions / surge the day avant sneeze-guard and solar array / demystify the density of the change secu realities wall-hunger match for open-faced materialities / is an onion, the sentry of an other veer
     February 2022    
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