Cecelia Chapman & Jeff Crouch

Last Exit

Cecelia Chapman writes: "The bleak, noir Hollywood film, Club Paradise, is remixed to become Last Exit, a romantic vacation advertisement with Jeff Crouch music added. Released 1945, the same year the US bombed Nagasaki, Last Exit comments on perception and propaganda.

"From Club Paradise: vacation culture, consciousness, capitalism 2020. Club Paradise examines the selling of nostalgia, the marketing of adventure absent in workers controlled lives, colonization of vacation areas, worker migration, and the use of memory and consciousness to control workers’ minds. A nomadic shamanic consciousness is proposed, to hold the idea of anima mundi as our relationship to the world and deep awareness of our connection to nature. The vacation migration that swells the populations of Cape Cod and Islands, where Club Paradise is filmed, is compared to early nomadic tribes led by their shaman on the tracks of game. Only now the game pursued is a state of mind, advanced by corporate interests to produce a workers’ consciousness tolerant of capitalist slavery."

Jeff Crouch: still alive, still in Texas.
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