Jeff Bagato

Going Golden

going golden
golden gravy
covers over every baby
golden baby golden sunshine
golden mermaid golden bacon
golden beacon
beacon golden
make it golden
make it gold
hallelujah golden bacon
hallelujah golden TV
hallelujah golden wine
hallelujah golden sun

golden silver silver golden
silver silver silver mermaid
silver palm trees silver light
silver grapefruit silver tongue
silver silver make it silver
silver hotshot silver master
silver winner silver maker
silver giver silver honey
silver sunshine silver night
make it silver
make it silver
hallelujah silver bacon
hallelujah silver muffin
hallelujah silver carcrash
hallelujah silver time

get to silver 
get to golden
get to angel
get to teardrop
get to facelift
get to clean up
get to hard on
get to magic
magic golden magic silver
magic airplane magic truck

lips of silver
lips of angel
lips of mystery
lips of grief
lips of mermaid
lips of magic
lips of danger
lips of beef
lips of carcrash
lips of airplane
lips of good times
lips of gold

going golden going silver going weightless going time
going angel going whiplash going wizard going best
going hardon going good times going super going luck
going laughtrack going spaceship going murder going up
going heartache going TV going magic going love
going gas tank going martian going war games going hot
going cigar going cruise ship going special going rich
going total going sunshine going football going high

special marvel toothpaste going
hot shot repeat winner going
clever big time magic going
super master golden going
lucky laughtrack wonder going
goodness snowflake high point going
awesome right on living going
yummy stronger motor going

going golden going golden
going big time going awesome
going spaceward going happy
going special going tap dance
going metal going wonder
going laughtrack going magic
going mermaid going super
going stranger going silver

best magic golden happy 
rocking big time golden super
magic metal gladness silver
wonder magic open power
sunshine weightless mix tape golden
mermaid wonder magic angel
nacho teacup total hot tub
super golden top line birthday

gold make awesome
gold make better
gold make super
gold make marvel
gold make big time
gold make hot shot
gold make rip tide
gold make power
gold make golden
gold make silver
gold make weightless
gold make magic
gold make happy
gold make good times

golden magic gold is silver
super silver marvel gold
golden mystique gold is golden
top line hard on birthday gold
silver baby happy magic
good times rocking super fine
hot dog laughtrack weightless baby
silver dollar silver gold

Jeff Bagato produces poetry and prose as well as electronic music and glitch video. His new collection of poetry In the Engine Room with Bettie and Andrea Reading Pornography is fresh for 2022. A blog about his writing and publishing efforts can be found at https://jeffbagato.wordpress.com.
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