John McCluskey

John McCluskey is a widely published photographer and author. He writes: "Over the last five years I have photographed the pure climatic elements of winter in Connecticut USA: snow, ice, and a combination of the two as subjected to the nature of both wind and winter's light provided by the low angle of sun. Previous editions of this work have appeared in earlier editions of Otoliths over time; now variations are all combined in yet another unique edition. While the previous versions were solely micro views of the wonders of winter, this work now presents both micro and macro views, bringing it all together.

"While all living creatures slow down or hibernate to great degrees during this time of year, the outdoor elements do not. The presentation of snow and ice, while deceivingly prevalent throughout the season, changes almost instantaneously with light. And it goes virtually unnoticed. The light upon these elements changes in seconds, minutes, and does not necessarily return in the same way, perhaps ever again. And these ground coverings reflect it all: the monochromatic sensuality of drifting snow, the sparkle of ice crystals standing alone or as a thin layer on snow, and the combination of the two forms of precipitation: falling, forming on a frozen lake surface creating saturation or subtle shades of color.

"This photographic work is presented here first as a singe polyptych 4 panel-like macro work showing the colors of a frozen lake surface formed by the season long accumulation of ice and snow (separated into two rectangular panels) on the left, followed by the individual sensibilities of snow and ice in their own right, each in its own square panel on the right. Each of the polyptych panels is then presented separately as well, all now in singular square panels to emphasize their details: the lake ice in one 16 image panel, the snow and ice in their own respective 9 image square panels, creating overall mosaic-like images."

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