Keith Nunes

During the proliferation

Enter the awkward walker
From the right of set piece,
Unattributed mock-ups of consolations butt up to
Unhealthy vitamin obsessions squeezed organically,

So the scene opens of a stained glassy face
At a staging area for derailed elements of 
An enfeebled Armageddon,
The punchline to the sick joke now crawling up
Behind a trolley filled with a cut-price 
Emotional panacea, and new pottings sown
By the Carnivorous Plant Society (Slogan: Are You Caught Yet?)

The awkward walker slyly swallows a bottle of merlot,
Kisses the cheek of a hammer, then
Exits thru the entry door with his meat-eating plant and
A container of Gingko Biloba 
Stuffed hard-up against his erection

Interplanetary estate management

On the way
To the world
A fridge magnet
Freezes over,
Comes with 
Short-wave instructions,
Water molecules
In the food
Are vibrating,
All hail Magnetron!
Venus stinks and
Rotates backwards,
With Venus Rising, 
Venus in the First House
A mortgagee sale
Is inevitable,
If the Plutonians 
Move in our
Solar-hinged system
Will go cold &
We’ll orbit hungry

Subcurrent of overtones bleary misty tiny transparencies visual discomfort night beside inglorious river stone bridge with one, two, three, four lights ablaze insinuate suggest sanctuary in the midst of elaborate, pre-dawn, preternatural smoked risings, discrepant clomp-clack cane-and-man step out of time, a director’s oeuvre, suspended between mundane and miraculous, I’m locked into the impervious symmetry of a bell curve, the grievous bodily harm perpetrated on a linear path where all is inferred, I’m interred in the bromidic world of standard deviations
Keith Nunes (Aotearoa/New Zealand) has had poetry, fiction, haiku and visuals published around the globe. He creates ethereal manifestations because he's inept at anything practical or useful.
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